dimanche 14 septembre 2008

VA-Natures Mortes-Still Lifes (1981)

1.Mr clarinet - The Birthday Party
2.Let's have a party - Psychotik Tanks
3.Feedback song - Rema Rema
4.Die laughing - In Camera
5.Rosegarden funeral of sores - Bauhaus
6.You and I - Mass
7.Like this for ages - Cupol
8.Gathering Dust - Modern English
9.Marble station - Sort Sol
10.Controversial subject - The The
11.Raindance - The Past Seven Days
12.Re - Dif Juz
13.Sargasso sea - C.V.O
14.So many others - The Past Seven Days
15.Misguided - Sort Sol
16.Malignant love - The Last Dance
17.Black and white - The The

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