mardi 25 janvier 2011

MAGAZINE-Live at the Zodiac, Oxford (2009)

2.The light pours out of me
3.Model worker
4.The great beautician in the sky
5.Because you're frightened
6.You never knew me
7.Rhythm of cruelty
8.I want to burn again
9.The great man's secret
10.A song from under the flooboards
12.The book
13.Twenty years ago
14.Definitive gaze
15.Band intro-Parade
16.Shot by both sides
17.Thank you
19.I love you, you love dummy


GANG OF FOUR-Content (2011)

1.She said you made a thing of me
2.You don't have to be mad
3.Who am I
4.I can't forget your lonely face
5.You'll never pay for the farm
6.I party all the time
7.A fruitfly in the beehive
8.It was never gonna turn out too good
9.Do as I say
10.I can see from far away
11.Second life